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  • This is my homework for Search Engine Optimization, 14 januari 2011

    1. Title Tag Analysis

    The Page Title: ? <- Click for Tips...

    <title>stringer - Home page</title>

    Status: Your Title is 20 characters in length and is "considered acceptable". Acceptable does not mean search engine optimized. Would you like to optimize your entire Website for maximum search engine visibility?

    Fact #1: If you are not on the first page of search results, over 60% of Internet users will not find you!

    2. Meta Description Tag Analysis

    The Meta Description Tag: ? <- Click for Tips...

    Error: Your Meta Description is NOT being used, is invalid or used incorrectly! This may have a negative impact on your ability to harvest search engine traffic. Use our FREE Meta Tag Builder to help with your search engine visibility of this Web page.

    Error: The Meta Description Tag in this document is "not correct".

    Fact #2: All major search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Scrub The Web, Bing and others utilize Meta Tags. Don't take our word for it, visit Open Window IconGoogle™ or Open Window IconYahoo!® and see what they have to say about Title and Meta Tag optimization.

    3. Meta Keywords Tag Analysis

    The Meta Keywords Tag: ? <- Click for Tips...

    Warning: Your Meta Keywords is NOT being used, is invalid or search engines are unable to find this Tag! The Meta Keywords Tag
    is not as important as it once was and many search engines no longer
    index words found here. With that said, your rankings for this Web page
    can increase in those search engines that do index the Meta Keywords Tag and is the only reason for this warning.

    Error: The Meta Keywords Tag in this document is "not correct".

    Fact #3: Having a search engine friendly Title and Meta Tags is a the most basic step toward search engine optimization (SEO). This can help a little, but it's rarely enough to outrank the competition. For that you need powerful and proven SEO tools to help do the optimization for you.

    Basic Example of a Robot Search Engine Listing

    The example listing below is what this Web page may look like
    in search results presented by major search engines (i.e. depending on
    search query used).

    stringer - Home page

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    4. Advanced Web Page Analysis

    ? <- Click to see what Member's see!

    The Web Page Analysis report is available to our SEO Members. The information included in the Web Page Analysis Report
    is most valuable especially when you need to compare your Website with
    that of your competition. This tool may also discover errors on your Web
    pages that can cause search engine visiblity problems. If errors are
    found, you will be provided with a special link to our (X)HTML Validator™ and Correction Tool that may automatically correct these errors for you. It can't get much easier than that.

    Myth: "Submitting to search engines means everyone on the Internet will find you."

    Truth: People are not going to find you in search engines just because you submitted to them. If you truly want to capture your fair share and more of search engine traffic, you must optimize your Web pages. SEO plays an important role in your ability to succeed on the Internet.

    5. Keyword Density Analysis

    ? <- Click to see what Member's see!

    The Keyword Density Analysis tool is the best on the Net. You can forget everything else you may have seen because nothing else can match the power and accuracy of this tool. Use the wrong tool and you lose. Are you willing to take that chance?

    6. Top Keyword Phrase Analysis

    ? <- Click to see what Member's see!

    The Top Keyword Phrase Analysis report will quickly show you what keyword phrases search engines will find important when visiting the page. Don't be ripped off or fooled by imitations. Our tools are not like others you may have found on the Web. This is how real search engines find and score your keywords and keyword phrases.

    7. Page Keyword Density Analysis

    ? <- Click to see what Member's see!

    The Page Keyword Density Analysis report is a quick summary of how well focused and keyword rich your Web page is. Not all search engines are the same and because of this you have flexible processing options and can mimic the search engines you are optimizing for.

    Myth: "Nobody needs search engine optimization."

    Truth: More than 80% of Internet users use search engines to find what they are looking for. Therefore any Website wanting new visitors needs search engine optimization. With the right SEO tools and support, search engine optimization is easy.

    8. Keyword Density Manipulizer™

    ? <- Click to see what Member's see!

    Our exclusive Drag-and-Drop Keyword Density Manipulizer™ is an awesome tool SEO Pro's can't do without. This tool allows you to make changes to the keyword densities and get instant real-time feedback. There is nothing else like it on the Net.

    9. How a Robot May See the Page

    ? <- Click to see what Member's see!

    The How a Robot May See the Page
    report will show you how search engines may interpret the page. This is
    different than how a human visitor sees the page. A good search engine
    needs to figure out what keywords and keyword phrases are most important and relevant in order to provide quality search results. Seeing what search engines consider "most important" makes optimizing for search engines easy.

    10. Improve Your Scrub The Web Ranking!

    Did you know you can improve your search engine rankings at Scrub The Web simply by including a link to our site?

    A Text Link:

    The above HTML code will produce the following link:

    Free SEO Tools

    Or a Graphic Link:

    The above HTML code will produce the following link:

    Free SEO Tools

    alt="Free SEO Tools" width="88" height="31" />