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  • This day, 14 January 2011.

    I am
    a forgetful, so I decided to write a story about my SEO diary in here. Here the story:

    1. I go to (automatic submission to directories and search engines).
    • Before I start to promote my newly created website, I need to fill it with content. Because an attempt to promote an empty site leads to negative consequences. Firstly, a visitor who gets to such empty website, will leave it immediately and will never come back. Secondly, search engines (not all but many) re-index websites not very often and therefore will remember your site to be empty for a long time.

    • After a website has been filled with content,I Active doing some promotion includes:
      • Submission of the website to as many search engines and site directories as possible. There are many special sites doing such work for you. So I go to